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R. Mars [userpic]
Vintage Knitting Image Set
by R. Mars (normavalentine)
at March 5th, 2006 (11:13 am)


la_vie_tricote [userpic]
V&A Museum knitting
by la_vie_tricote (la_vie_tricote)
at February 9th, 2006 (04:28 pm)
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I was browsing the fashion section of the Victoria and Albert Museum today, and came across the knitting section. There's a ton of patterns from the 1940s there, including two different pairs of flip-top mittens and a camisole and panties set. (The pants are enormous!) There's also a pretty rocking pair of fishnet stockings. Check it out.

CareyBomb [userpic]
by CareyBomb (raceylane)
at January 31st, 2006 (09:15 pm)

I remember someone asking if anyone had a pattern for a knitted snood awhile ago. If you didn't find one, here is one: http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/hair/snood.htm
It asks for 2 ply wool! Have fun!

R. Mars [userpic]
by R. Mars (normavalentine)
at January 1st, 2006 (03:48 pm)

Hello ladies,

I have changed my efforts with vintage knitting from LJ to my own blog at vintageknitting.net. I hope you will join me there!

r.mars [userpic]
Vintage Needle Sizes
by r.mars (rhiannonmars)
at November 8th, 2005 (08:26 pm)

Vintage needle sizes can be quite cryptic. There is US and UK sizes, but also it seems that steel needles were measured on a different scale along with "Beehive" brand needles.

Here is a card that came in one of my knitting books that shows how steel is different. Ofcoarse since this is the internet, this image is probably not to scale for print out use.

r.mars [userpic]
Cast On!
by r.mars (rhiannonmars)
at November 3rd, 2005 (08:41 pm)

OK. Finally I have cast on a project. I'm knitting a lacy 1932 short sleeved pullover from the Columbia knitting book. I am using 3 ply sapphire blue cashmere. It was twisted for me, so it's not as twisted as some yarn. I hope it will work out for the lacier area. I'm just working on the ribbing now. It's so dreamy and soft! The crazy thing about these pattern is that they are almost knit it once piece. You start at the botton black, cast on more for the sleaves, knit up thought the kneck, then down the front. I think this means I need to do the pattern backwards when I reach it. Hmm.

The pattern came from Iva Rose reproductions. I can not reccomend her books more! They are so well touched up with clean instructions. For the price you get so many more patterns in these books than in buying the vintage ones that often are falling apart and stink!

(first picture)

r.mars [userpic]
So many patterns, nothing to knit!
by r.mars (rhiannonmars)
at October 21st, 2005 (02:49 am)

Here are some sweater patterns I own. I have no idea what to knit next. I hope I am ordering the right quanity of yarn. It's so complex, yardage, weight, thickness, color, fiber content, guage.
Vintage Patterns - Image Heavy PostCollapse )

we go on dancing nonetheless [userpic]
vintage knitting by alice carrol
by we go on dancing nonetheless (loudxmouse)
at October 20th, 2005 (12:49 am)

picked it up for 4 bux @ a used book storeCollapse )

Cathryn [userpic]
Cute Bestway pattern
by Cathryn (sepheri)
at October 19th, 2005 (05:57 pm)

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I just bought this pattern from eBay and my mum has said she will knit it for me.
She's a wonderful mum :)

title or description

I'll probably have it done in black since I'm a bit of a goth.

r.mars [userpic]
1933 Stripped Jumper
by r.mars (rhiannonmars)
at October 17th, 2005 (07:25 pm)

"Jumper" must be a Brit name for sweater, yes? Well, cute either way. I just got this pattern today in the mail from a 1933 Stichcraft magazine. I take it these needle sizes are UK.

Pattern Behind CutCollapse )